Volunteer Opportunities at Milwaukee's First Oktoberfest

We Would LOVE Your Help!

We can't do it with out you! 

Volunteer at Oktoberfest at Kegel's Inn

Volunteers are crucial to the success of every festival! It is very important that volunteers commit not only to their assigned shift(s) but also to an orientation, and that you are able to attend the festival on either Friday or Saturday August 24th & 25th.

All volunteers receive:

  • Orientation at the pre-festival scheduling party.

  • A volunteer t-shirt that will mark you as a proud helper

  • 2 free drink coupons per day you work

Proceeds of the festival go to support the Lions Club Of West Milwaukee.

Thank you!

- ALL the Lions of West Milwaukee

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Milwaukee's First Oktoberfest at Kegel's Inn agrees to the following understanding with volunteers: Volunteers are essential to the purpose and programming of the Festival. Volunteers will receive adequate preparation for their responsibilities, work in an environment where they feel valued and appreciated, and receive respectful treatment. In exchange for a full shift, volunteers will receive a free shift meal from Kegel's Inn and 2 free drink tickets. Volunteers will also receive a special volunteer t-shirt, a .5l Hofbrau Stein, and the grand feeling of being a part of an exciting Bloomington event. The service of any volunteer is accepted at the discretion of the organization. The volunteer agrees to the following understanding with Milwaukee's First Oktoberfest at Kegel's Inn I will complete and submit a Volunteer Application Form. I understand the policies and procedures of the Festival as written here. I will attend a short, job-specific orientation the week before the Festival. DATE TO BE FINALIZED I will complete my Festival volunteer assignment in a satisfactory way (show up on time for training and shifts, stay the required duration, wear my volunteer t-shirt and button while on shift, and treat other volunteers, staff, performers, and festival patrons with respect). I will notify the Volunteer Coordinator if my availability changes after I have already accepted my Shift Offer. I will abide by the policies of the Festival, including, but not limited to, zero tolerance for use of controlled drugs and alcohol, and for harassment of any kind, while working my Shift. I agree that the Festival may decide to terminate my relationship with the Festival at any time.

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