Welcome to the RSVP page for OKTOBERFEST VENDORs!

We've been throwing the first Oktoberfest in Milwaukee for 5 years now, and we've outgrown the Parking lot and the 59th street beer garden! This year we're taking over National Avenue between 58th and 60th street in front of Kegel's Inn and throwing a block party that will include dozens of vendors, local breweries, crafters and non-profits to fill the street with community and gemütlichkeit! 

General Information & FAQ

What are hours of operation for the street festival? 

  • Friday 4pm - 11pm
  • Saturday 10am - 11pm

What is the cost structure?

  • If you are a beer/ wine/ liquor vendor: 
    • you will be charged %20 commission on total sales at the end of each night.
    • We recommend increasing your pricing if your uncomfortable with the margin loss of the commission.
  • If you sell packaged food or snacks: 
    • if you request a 10x10 tent spot on main street - You will be charged 20% commission . 
    • if you request a 8 foot banquet table in the parking lot tent - You will be charge $150 per day.
  • If you sell artisan crafts:
    • if you request a 10x10 tent spot on main street - You will be charged 20% commission . 
    • if you request a 8 foot banquet table in the parking lot tent - You will be charge $150 per day.

Will there be electricity available? 

  • Yes, for a small charge ($25) electricity will be available within reach of a 25ft extension cord (bring your own). If you have special power needs, please contact Kegelsinn@gmail.com

What does Kegel's Inn provide? 

  • 5 Years of experience with the festival 
  • Marketing exposure to bring people to Friday Fish Fry Under the Tent (750-1000 people)  
  • Branding strategy with Hofbrau/Fruh/Haacker Pschorr beers. 
  • Welcoming our newest restaurant partner across the street - Public Table (opening in June)
  • We are strategically partnered with the City of West Allis / West Milwaukee to provide high levels of visibility using their in-house marketing agents for this event.
  • Last year, roughly 2000 people attended. This year, we are poised for a greater showing with the beer festival and local vendor scene.
  • We heavily rely on a facebook and twitter for a social media blitz in the upcoming months
  • 3 month - 30,000 home money mailer tickets inviting people to the festival.
  • We can never guarantee event turnout. 

What do I provide as a vendor? 

  • 10x10 Pop-Up Tent with a sidewall - Preferably with your branding on it. 
    • Weights & Tie downs for inclement weather. - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Enough staff and product to maintain a presence during open hours.
  • Branding material for your business
  • Some type of receipt printer or cash register (Calculator with receipt ribbon, square, paypal, stripe...etc..) Receipt ribbons must be turned in at the end of each night shift.
  • You, as well as your staff, are expected to bring a high level of professionalism to make sure any activity where the legality of your decisions does not come into question.

The festival runs at night, will lighting be provided? 

  • No, at least not this year. If you would like to have lighting, please request an electrical hookup near your tent. You will be responsible for bringing your own lighting.
  • Although there are overhead street lights on National, there is no guarantee that will properly or adequately light your booth. 


Your Name *
Your Name
Setup times are up to 2 hours prior to the times allotted.
Spaces are on a first come first serve basis. We'll do our best to fit you into the area you desire. Vendors picking a location on street MUST provide their own tent & weights for tie downs - NO EXCEPTIONS
Equipment Rental
Day of Event Contact Phone *
Day of Event Contact Phone
Acknowledgement *
You agree to be a trustworthy person and pay your dues at the end of the festival. It's for charity! A certified transaction receipt will be required for all commision based vendors and alcohol sales. All vendors are responsible for their own setup/takedown and must staff booth at all times. Vendors are highly encouraged to bring table coverings and signage to improve brand appeal. Vendors who do not follow rules will not be invited back. No Alcohol sales to minors OR to anybody without a valid wristband for the festival.