John & Anna Kegel's son, John Jr. ran the establishment from 1947-1955.

His brother George & wife Audrey operated the restaurant from 1955-1966.

John Kegel Jr. and his wife Ruth, came back to run the place from 1966 until they retired in 1981.

Rob & Jim Kegel, son's of John & Ruth, we're the third generation of Kegel's to run the establishment. Today, the third generation has started the transition to hand off the legacy to the fourth generation of Kegel's.

Julian Kegel and his wife Stephanie are well suited to keep the German restaurant open and operating under the same standards and traditions of the leadership before.

John & Anna Kegel
1924 - 1947

John Kegel open for business in his "soda pop parlor."

John Kegel open for business in his "soda pop parlor."

John Jr. & Wife Ruth Kegel
(Oldest Son of John Sr )
1947 - 1955

John Kegel Jr.

John Kegel Jr.

George & Wife Audrey Kegel
1955 - 1966

John Jr. & Wife Ruth Kegel
1966 - 1982

Rob & Brother Jim Kegel
2 of John Jr.'s 6 children
1982 - 2016

Rob & Jim Kegel 

Rob & Jim Kegel 

Julian & Wife Stephanie Kegel
Grandson of George Kegel. 

Julian and stephanie Kegel - Kegels inn 4th generation owners
Stephanie and julian Kegel oktoberfest kegels inn


Below are some of the original documents from when Kegel's Inn first opened. Enjoy!