Kegel’s Inn welcomes the DNC 2020 to Milwaukee!

Kegel’s Inn is the most Authentic German Restaurant in Milwaukee. With over 95 years of family ownership, our food, location and atmosphere make Kegel’s inn the perfect basecamp for the Democratic National Convention in 2020.

Standard Offerings

Fast Lunches
Happy Hours
Intimate Dinners
Late Night Buy Out
Casual & Professional
Outdoor Beer Garden
3 AirBNB Apartments
Off Street Parking

By the Numbers

Dining Room Seating - #100 Standing Room - #200
Outdoor Beer Garden - #250
Parking Lot Tent - #400
Airbnb - #14 (3 Units)

Established in 1924 as a prohibition speakeasy

Dedicated to preserving the heritage & legacy of our ancestors.

95 years & 4 Generations of Family heritage